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TeamPlayer Pro | 2.69 MB

TeamPlayer 4 Pro allows teamwork on the computer, it allows multiple users (up to 6 at a time) to use the desktop, giving each a color cursor and icon. Thanks TeamPlayer4 Pro, each user will be able to move and drag windows, applications, and typing on the keyboard.

This ideal platform for collective work, for example, in education, in research, as well as creative tasks. Just imagine all possible interactions six users simultaneously on the screen, each of which uses a mouse and keyboard. Do not get lost in the choice of icons that you can change on the fly. One of the best features is the function of the user to connect from anywhere on Windows, Android or iOS for those who install the program group to connect to your device!

TeamPlayer4 is the flagship demonstration of our multi-user technology.
Using it is deceptively simple, the uses are numerous.
It allows multiple users to simultaneously utilize the operating system, applications and files.
Multiple cursors on screen with multiple attached mice / keyboards
Remote connecting users from anywhere using the free TeamCONNECT app
Cursor-colors and on-the-fly editable cursor labels
Area restrictions of cursors, confining them to any resizeable area on screen
Number of simultaneous users
Let users join from remote
Cursor colors
Cursor labels
On-the-fly editing of labels (new!)
Area restriction of cursors (new!)
Auto-start and auto-hide
Support and free updates
For commercial and business uses
Allows connections from remote users, using the free TeamCONNECT client app on their device.
eamPlayer4 allows multiple users to simultaneously utilize the operating system, programs and files. Each user can independently move and drag windows, control applications with clicks and independantly use keyboards. The more USB ports your computer has, the more keyboards and mice you can connect. A multi-port USB hub might do the trick in this case.

System requirements:
Windows XP, 7/8/10 (x32 / x64);
Additional mice (and optional keyboards) attached to your PC are needed to accommodate multiple users
Language: English

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